Who We Are

Founded in 2005, Koved Care was created to optimize quality of life for both psychiatric and geriatric clients. “Koved” means “honor” in Yiddish and we strive to honor clients by helping them and their families maintain dignity as they address their physical and mental health conditions.

Health care delivery today has many gaps, especially for those who need psychiatric or geriatric care. Primary care physicians are no longer able to fulfill the role of coordinating a team of specialists and in-patient and out-patient treatment providers in the care of a client. Most conventional care management and in-home care providers lack the specific expertise required to serve clients with complex psychiatric illness. In addition, the financial and legal aspects of care are rarely coordinated with care management or clinical services.

Koved Care weaves a safety net of services for its clients by providing strategic, detailed care plans, prioritizing consistency of staff assignments, and collaborating closely with legal, clinical and financial management professionals.