Founder & CEO

Steve Horen

steve-horenIn 2005, Steve Horen founded Koved Care to enhance the quality of life for individuals with long-term chronic illness, or those who simply need high-quality support to preserve an independent lifestyle.

His business is personal. As a young child, Steve watched his mother take on the roles of hands-on care giver and physical therapist for his father who was living with multiple sclerosis. Later, in 1970, his family was included in the exploratory study that led to the creation of the Connecticut Hospice, the first in the U.S. It provided care for his mother, who was a terminal cancer patient at that time. When he was subsequently invited to serve on the Hospice’s Building and Site Selection Committee, he had the opportunity to observe first-hand how a new health care service product was designed from the ground up.

When Steve decided to become an entrepreneur -after many years as a venture capitalist and investment banker focused on technology companies- he harnessed the passion for compassionate and dignified care he had gained from that early personal experience and built Koved Care. Embedded in its culture and its service model are the attributes he came to value during that formative time: advocacy-driven, highly coordinated care and care management across the entire continuum of services.

Steve holds a joint MBA/MA in East Asian studies from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and he received a BA in economics from Beloit College.

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