Advisory Board

Samuel L. Sharmat, M.D.

Samuel L. Sharmat, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist well-known for his abilities as a psychiatric diagnostician, treatment planner, and addictionologist. He sits on the Executive Council of the New York City District Branch of the APA and on the Clinical Advisory Boards of The Caron Foundation and Promises Treatment Centers. Additionally, he serves as a diagnostic consultant and provides the pharmacologic aspect of care for patients of area mental health professionals.

With a Family Practice background as well as involvement in a diverse range of both clinical and non-clinical interests, Dr. Sharmat has built a reputation for treating the patient as a whole.

His integrative approach to treatment and his experience with a wide range of people in the entertainment, corporate and creative communities have characterized Dr. Sharmat as a preeminent physician able to relate to a wide variety of patients and people.

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