Psychiatric Recovery & Support

For psychiatric clients, Koved Care bridges the gaps in care and support for those whose needs cannot be met by conventional care management and home-care service providers.


  • Continuous assessment and pro-active care planning:
    • Coordinate interventions when necessary
    • Refer and manage admission to in-patient or community-based service providers as necessary
    • Provide a post-discharge care plan with tangible and realistic goals for recovery
    • Adjust care plans, level of care, milestones and daily schedules as client conditions change and needs evolve
  • Provision of structure and support:
    • Collaboration with client, family, legal experts specializing in mental hygiene, estate-planning and financial management professionals to address gaps in care
    • Assignment and supervision of trained psychiatric life coaches/companions to support clients through their recovery, as needed
    • Arrangement and oversight of delivery of all ancillary services, such as tutoring, personal training and acupuncture
    • Communication and acquisition of input from therapists/family representatives on progress and care planning
    • Long-term, in-home custodial care for severely and chronically ill clients


  • Provision of structure and support:
    • Support and coach client in adhering to daily schedules and meeting recovery goals
  • Monitor Compliance:
    • Reminders for medication, treatment compliance (e.g., completing DBT journal entries), sobriety and personal safety
  • Socialization, educational and vocational coaching:
    • Coaching for self re-direction and self-regulation based on specific direction from therapists or day program staff
    • Coach and support client to meet daily living needs, including laundry, cleaning, food shopping and preparation, bill-paying, etc.
    • Life-skills coaching, such as practicing appropriate social interaction, career management, job-searching skills, resume preparation, interviewing, etc.
  • Companionship/Assistance with daily living activities:
    • Accompanying client, as needed, to appointments, therapy programs, exercise activities, volunteer jobs, classes, etc.