Addiction Recovery

For clients recovering from addiction, Koved Care transcends conventional sober coaching and traditional responses to behavioral symptoms. Our mental health professionals support clients in managing their own recovery by applying the skills and behaviors they are learning.


  • Continuous assessment and pro-active care planning:
    • Coordinate interventions, when necessary
    • Refer and manage admission to in-patient or community-based service providers as needed
    • Collaborate with mental-hygiene legal counsel if necessary
    • Refer to a medical professional for full psychiatric evaluation
    • Provide a recovery plan with tangible and realistic goals for sobriety and recovery
  • Provision of structure and support:
    • Collaboration with client treatment team, family, mental-hygiene legal counsel, estate-planning and financial management professionals to coordinate full recovery
    • Assignment and supervision of trained psychiatric life coaches/companions to support clients through their recovery, as needed
    • Arrangement and oversight of delivery of all ancillary services such as tutoring, personal training and acupuncture
    • Communication and acquisition of input from therapists/family representatives on progress and evolution of care plan
    • Long-term, in-home custodial care for severely and chronically ill clients


  • Provision of structure and support:
    • Support and coach client in adhering to daily schedules and meeting recovery goals
  • Monitor compliance:
    • Reminders for medication, recovery work (e.g., step-work), sobriety, personal safety
  • Socialization, educational and vocational coaching:
    • Coaching for self re-direction and self-regulation based on specific direction from therapists or day-program staff
    • Coach and support client to meet daily living needs such as laundry, cleaning, food shopping and preparation, bill-paying, etc.
    • Life skills coaching, including practicing appropriate social interaction, career management, job-searching skills, resume preparation, interviewing, etc.
  • Companionship/Assistance with daily living activities:
    • Accompanying client, as needed, to appointments, therapy programs, exercise activities, volunteer jobs, classes, community-based self-help meetings, etc.