Legal Counsel

Care management can frequently make a positive impact on the outcome of certain legal actions, such as those pertaining to criminal or matrimonial matters that arise from behaviors rooted in declines in mental health or in the lack of capacity common among aging adults. Similarly, estate plans may need adjustment due to mental health issues or advancing age.

Koved Care’s customized care management can provide documentation to aid attorneys in effectively representing their clients’ interests. We do this by providing detailed notation about a client’s progress and/or adherence to treatment regimens, at a level of detail and sophistication that will meet appropriate legal standards.

If you are experiencing any of the following, please contact us at Koved to discuss your specific situation and how we can help:

You can reach us by phone at (212) 956-1000 and by our toll free number (877) 568-3318. You can also email us at [email protected]

Legal Counsel Concerns
My client has become involved in criminal activity
My client’s risky behavior has underscored a need for asset protection, capacity or institutionalization actions
My client is behind on rent, has received neighbor complaints or is not taking care of his or her home or property
My client is not tending to their bills, having financial issues and exhibiting/demonstrating unusual spending habits
I have noticed sudden and/or severe behavioral changes in my client
My client has legal issues (e.g. custody battle, incarceration, court orders) stemming from an underlying psychiatric condition. The legal outcome could be positively affected with appropriate treatment and documentation of progress to the court
I would be better able to provide counsel if I had better lines of communication with my client’s non-legal advisors (e.g. physicians and clinical providers, care managers and financial advisors)
I need to be sure that pertinent information from other professional advisors associated with my client is being shared with me
My client has disputes with family members that negatively impact their ability to make positive life decisions
My client is incapable of paying bills and meeting financial obligations or keeping important documents such as licenses or passports up to date for legal purposes
My client is an adult who does not want treatment, but needs treatment for legal purposes