Financial Advisors

Financial advisors of all kinds—trust officers, wealth managers, private bankers—are frequently asked by clients for advice on accessing appropriate care and support services for mental health conditions, substance abuse issues or geriatric conditions. But providing the ongoing advocacy that is necessary is extremely time-consuming.

Koved Care can relieve financial advisors of these care management responsibilities so that they can focus on the activities for which they are ultimately compensated—growing assets under management and providing attractive investment returns for their clients.

If you are experiencing any of the following, please contact us at Koved to discuss your specific situation and how we can help:

You can reach us by phone at (212) 956-1000 and by our toll free number (877) 568-3318. You can also email us at [email protected]

Financial Advisor Concerns
My client has exhibited erratic and unusual spending behavior
My client’s family members have made me aware of other sudden and severe behavioral changes
I have noticed an unusual amount of spending on recurring hospitalizations and rehab visits
My client’s behavior is beginning to impact their family’s estate, financial situation or net worth
My client is engaging in behavior that could potentially increase their personal liability and potentially affect their financial situation
I have noticed a sudden change in my client’s family dynamics such as separation, divorce or estrangement
I have noticed a change in how frequently my client contacts me or communicates with me
My client has become involved in criminal activity due to mental illness or substance abuse
My client’s risky behavior has underscored a need for asset protection or capacity actions
I would be better able meet my clients complex needs if I had better lines of communication with other related financial advisors (e.g. insurance advisor and CPAs) and/or non-financial advisors (legal counsel, care givers, therapists)
I need to be sure that pertinent information from other professional advisors associated with my client is being shared with me
My client has a need (or will have a need) for a plan to finance care and support for a loved one