Frequently Asked Questions

What is Care Management?

At Koved Care, we define Care Management as the comprehensive, advocacy-driven oversight of all aspects of care for our clients. The process involves collaboration with clinical providers and may extend to include mental-hygiene legal experts, interventionists, estate planning, and financial management professionals, among others. Care Management engages clients at any point along the continuum of care from pre-admission through acute hospitalization, residential treatment, community-based treatment and long-term recovery and support. Our goal is to optimize our clients’ quality of life by ensuring that all services they receive are of the highest possible value.

What does a Care Manager do?

Care Managers serve as your health care advocates. Care Managers at first conduct comprehensive initial assessments, deliver a set of concrete recommendations, and devise a care plan. They then hire and manage field staff, continuously assess client condition, and monitor changes in status to ensure that clients are making progress toward goals laid out in the care plan.

How is this different from rehab?

Koved Care does not provide in-patient, acute substance abuse treatment or detox. Our services take a community-based, psycho-social rehabilitation approach. It is recovery-coaching for people who have a primary or secondary psychiatric diagnosis—co-occurring can be independent of substance abuse issues.

Is Koved Care a licensed agency?

Care Management and the in-home services that Koved Care provides do not require a license. All of our staff are insured and bonded and many are licensed professionals in their own right.

What services are you permitted to provide?

We are permitted to provide Care Management and non-medical in-home care such as companionship, recovery-coaching, standby assistance with personal hygiene and support for day-to-day living such as laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.

Are the people that work with me Koved Care employees or independent contractors?

All of our staff are Koved Care employees and are insured and bonded.

How will I know what kind of care my family needs?

The level of care provided as well as the overall care plan will be determined through an assessment administered by the Care Manager and through subsequent consultation with the client, their family and the client’s treatment team. To schedule a consultation, please contact Koved Care via email or phone.

How does Koved Care go about assigning staff for my family member?

Long-term, stable, consistent staffing assignments are absolutely a priority at Koved Care. As part of the assessment, the Care Manager will ask the client about what sort of person and personality traits they prefer. We customize our clients’ plans based on the type and level of care required, as well as personality fit and other variables.

What is Koved Care’s recruitment and hiring process?

Koved Care has a highly selective hiring process. On average, we hire approximately 1 in 25 applicants. All candidates are subject to multiple in-person interviews, reference checks and comprehensive criminal background screenings. We hire only people who are legally eligible to work in the United States.

Do you provide background information and references of care givers and Care Managers?

Yes, upon initiation of service, Koved Care will provide employment specific credentials upon request.

Is there a typical length of time that clients work with Koved Care?

Each client’s need is unique and we are able to accommodate cases that range from several weeks to indefinite amounts of time depending on the situation.

What kind of insurance covers Koved Care’s staff?

Liability insurance, theft bond and workers’ compensation provide comprehensive staff coverage.

Do I have to pay any employment taxes for the person working with me?

No, Koved Care covers all employment-related taxes and fees.

What are the qualifications and credentials of your employees?

For psychiatric conditions, all staff have education, training and extensive experience working with psychiatric clients. Most hold mental health-related Masters degrees or are candidates for the degree. Many are also certified substance abuse counselors. For geriatric clients, all of our nursing assistants and home health aides are experienced and certified.

What kind of training do you provide for your employees?

We hire only experienced people. The training we provide is specific to our unique approach to client care and designed to enable our employees to meet our clients’ needs.

Why is consistency in staffing important?

First, establishing trust is very important in order for us to accomplish our goal of optimizing our client’s quality of life. Second, without a consistent, supportive interaction, the development of a functional working relationship between care giver and client cannot be accomplished.

How do I know that I need a Care Manager? How do I know when my family member needs a Care Manager or in-home support?

Because every clients’ situation is different, please contact Koved Care CEO Steve Horen at:
Phone: (212) 956-1000/(877) 568-3318 (toll-free)
Email: [email protected]

What’s the difference between your geriatric and psychiatric/addiction services?

The difference is in the staffing. For psychiatric clients we assign mental health professionals with training and experience appropriate for each client’s needs. For our geriatric clients, we assign experienced Certified Nursing Assistants or Home Health Aides who have specific geriatric training.

What’s the difference between your addiction recovery services and conventional/rehab sober coaching services?

Koved’s recovery coaches all bring mental health education training and experience in addition to substance abuse expertise. This enables them to support our clients in their recovery from substance abuse issues, as well as underlying or co-occurring psychiatric conditions.

Conventional care coaching is often done by people who may or may not be in recovery themselves. They provide overall companionship and guidance through the process, but normally do not possess mental health education training and experience that Koved Care staff have.

What is the advantage and benefit of your collaboration with legal, financial management professionals and other stakeholders?

Optimal continuity of care can be accomplished when Care Management collaborates with all stakeholders such as those with legal, financial and therapeutic expertise. One of Koved’s greatest values is its ability to bridge the gaps between all of the these stakeholders, enabling us to optimize all facets of quality life—recovery, medical, legal, financial and family—for the client.

What is the advantage and benefit of your collaboration with legal professionals?

In a crisis situation, collaboration with a mental hygiene attorney can eliminate obstacles to obtaining psychiatric care. Also, such legal expertise can address barriers in obtaining guardianship for an elderly person who is no longer able to make their own decisions.

What is the advantage and benefit of your collaboration with financial management professionals?

Incorporating financial management expertise into a client’s care plan can ensure that care will be long-term.

What do you do to safeguard my identity, privacy and confidentiality?

Koved Care is bound by federal and medical privacy regulations (HIPAA) and complies with these privacy laws. We do not divulge any client information to third parties outside of the client’s treatment team such as health care service providers or any third parties who are not authorized to have their information.

What are Koved Care’s geriatric care management services?

As part of our geriatric Care Management service, we administer continuous assessment and pro-active planning through medical advocacy, coordination of care, facilitation of communication between specialist MDs and tracking potential adverse medication combinations. We provide progress and status updates to families, MDs and representatives, as desired.

What are Koved Care’s geriatric home care services?

As part of our geriatric home care services, we arrange for and oversee delivery of all in-home skilled and ancillary services such as companionship and assistance with daily living activities, standby assistance for personal hygiene, light housekeeping, food shopping, meal planning, and cooking. In addition we provide support for errands, transportation and socialization.

What staffing solutions does Koved Care provide for geriatric clients?

We provide hourly, live-in and 24/7 awake care. We have an accessible and flexible team of household managers that can travel between residences to accommodate in-home needs locally, regionally and nationally.

How do you handle specific requests such as dietary needs?

All care plans are customized to the individual and our care givers can be trained to prepare foods that meet specific dietary needs of the client. We want to ensure personal preferences are accommodated so that our clients feel comfortable in their home environment.

Why do you have geriatric expertise in your in-home care and Care Management services?

As people age, common medical conditions manifest themselves differently. For example, a UTI (urinary tract infection) can often manifest as dementia rather than as delirium. Geriatric Care Managers will recognize that this client should be screened for infection before a decision is made about a psychiatric assessment. This oversight by geriatric experts means they can deliver clients to their physicians for office-based treatments before minor issues become major ones.

How do I initiate services with Koved Care?

Please contact CEO Steve Horen at Koved Care:
Phone: (212) 956-1000/(877) 568-3318 (toll-free)
Email: [email protected]

Does insurance cover any of Koved Care’s services and do you accept insurance?

Only long-term care insurance would apply to our services. To obtain coverage, clients would need to meet the eligibility tests of their specific policies. Clients must obtain reimbursement for our services directly from their insurance companies.

How much do Koved Care’s services cost?

Koved’s services are boutique-quality and private-pay. Because each of our client’s needs is so unique, please contact Koved Care CEO Steve Horen to discuss your specific situation:

Phone: (212) 956-1000/(877) 568-3318 (toll-free)
Email: [email protected]

What are my contractual obligations once I engage with Koved Care?

All contractual obligations are specified in our service agreement. Either party can terminate services with a 24-hour cancellation notice. We also have clauses of non-solicitation of our employees and specifications of employee rates during holidays (time and a half).

What kind of legal counsel do you work with?

Koved Care collaborates closely with mental hygiene, trust, and estate and elder-law attorneys as appropriate.

How does Koved Care document client progress?

Koved Care complies with HIPAA regulations. The company works closely with stakeholders such as medical and clinical professionals, legal counsel, fiduciaries and financial advisors to provide progress information with the desired level of frequency and detail.

How does Koved Care work with clients who may be resistant to treatment or who are in treatment involuntarily?

Koved Care collaborates with mental hygiene attorneys and can provide referrals to appropriate resources that can help manage each client’s specific situation.

How does Koved deal with legal issues such as capacity, powers of attorney, and sharing of information in compliance with HIPAA?

Koved Care collaborates with mental hygiene attorneys and can provide referrals to appropriate resources that can help manage each client’s specific situation.

Are there financing options for the services?

Clients and families use various funding mechanisms; please consult with your financial advisor. If needed, Koved can provide referrals to financial advisors to set up a funding strategy.